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Educational Seminars k2 services Sugar Land Texas

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From day one, we have built the foundation of our company on the opportunity to provide service to the people of our community. We have since expanded our knowledge of wastewater management capabilities to incorporate the distribution of parts, which means we truly know our business inside and out. It is of great importance to us at K2 Services, that we give back to the people who helped us become who we are today. In addition, we respectively want to share our knowledge with the liked minded individuals of our industry. That is why we provide educational seminars on the products and solutions we offer to both operators and engineering firms. These sessions empower firms to educate their new engineers on practical and cost-effective solutions to any problems they may encounter in the design phase. Operators have equally found this education useful, especially as technology continues to broaden and advance over time. These meetings can be scheduled for employees as a lunch and learn demonstration, using actual equipment handled in real world applications. Educational seminars can increase industry knowledge and confidence for employees, without losing any hours of productivity for employers.

For more information on how our educational seminars may help you or to schedule a session with us, please call (832) 382-3434.